Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Thoughts on the All-Star Festivities

by: Jack Ward
Staff Writer

What an exciting Home Run Derby. Of course we Reds fans are excited because our guy Todd Frazier won it in dramatic fashion. Each round was a come from behind last second or extra period homer to win it. The crowd was really into it. Congrats to Todd for a job well done and he has made us all proud.

The new format made for a much better flow for the home run derby. They cut the time from five minutes per competitor down to four minutes due to the threat of inclement weather. But I think they should keep it at four minutes next year. These guys were getting gassed at four minutes, you could imagine if they had to go five. Every competitor called his one allotted time out. My vote is to keep it at four minutes next year. And you said baseball would never have a time clock. Well, it worked pretty well in this case.

They were saying that the higher seeded competitor getting to go second was unfair. I say first of all I loved the seeding based on home runs for the regular season. If you want a higher seed hit more home runs in the regular season! If you want to win your round hit more home runs! I liked it just the way it was. Todd Frazier hit 25 home runs in the first half. He deserved to be seeded where he was.

Speaking of the All Star game, the NL gets plastered for the third year in a row. And the Dodgers pitchers gave up three of the six runs. The AL out-hit and out-pitched the NL. That’s all you can say and now the AL will get home field advantage in the World Series. I’m beginning to come around on this rule. At first I didn’t think an exhibition should mean anything, but it does bring out better competition and makes the game matter and that makes it more interesting. AL manager Ned Yost had a strategy and game plan to win. And why shouldn’t he? His team, the Kansas City Royals have the best record in the American League and he was managing to win not only for his league but for his own team. I like that.

Overall, excellent job the Reds and their organization and the city of Cincinnati did with this event. The good Lord held off the rain and everything went off without a hitch. The Reds have great tradition and great fans and I happy to see them shine during the All Star events. I loved Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan and Barry Larkin as the greatest Reds of all time. I love Tony Perez, but I believe they got it right.

Now let’s get down to business Friday against the Indians.

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