Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Trade Deadline Notebook

by: Jack Ward
Staff Writer

Well, the Reds have done it. They traded Johnny Cueto to the Kansas City Royals for three left handed pitchers. They are pretty solid major league prospects so I am pleased with what the Reds got in this deal. I hate to see Cueto leave. The Reds had a legitimate ace with Cueto. Someone they could depend upon to keep them in every game and give them plenty of innings. He will be missed.

Lots of trades have happened so far and more to come. Troy Tulowitzki was traded to the Blue Jays for Jose Reyes, Tyler Clippard was traded to the Mets, Shane Victorino was traded to the Angels and Cole Hamels is still in Philadelphia as of Tuesday.

The question for the Reds is will they do more? I saw where ownership has given the okay for the Reds to begin to rebuild. That means that you can look for Aroldis Chapman and Jay Bruce to probably be traded. The non-waiver trade deadline is July 31st. After that players can be picked up on waivers and dealt that way. So just because the Reds don’t do anymore before July 31st they still have the waiver period that runs until the end of August.

Who knows what the Reds will look like by September 1st, but one thing for certain this has been a very frustrating year for the Reds. They have lost more one run games than anyone in the league. What does that tell you? The Reds are close? No. At least they are in games? No. A hit or two at the right time and they could be ten games over .500? No. What is tells you is that the Reds have lost a lot of games, period. Who cares how close you get or how you lose, the fact is you lose! I’m sure the Astros in the last 5 years lost more one run games than anybody else. Does that mean they were close? No it means they lost more games than anybody else! They were terrible is what it means.

The Reds just don’t get it done….. period. No excuses can be made. They just don’t win. I believe they have the talent, but they just can’t seem to put it together. Monday night is the prime example. The Reds lose a comfortable 4-1 decision to the Cardinals. The Reds had the bases loaded and none out and score one measly run. The Cardinals get the bases loaded and 5 foot 7 Colton Wong hits a grand slam. Game over. That’s the difference between a winning team and a losing team. St Louis finds a way to win, to get the big hit, the Reds find a way to lose. It was a “comfortable” loss meaning that the Reds did their thing, the Cardinals did their thing and the result was what everyone expected, the Reds lose.

Unless the Reds can string some wins together it’s another season where they finish ten games under .500. That’s not what we expect from a team with Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, Brandon Phillips, Aroldis Chapman and Todd Frazier. These guys are All Stars, Gold Glovers and even one MVP! I know the Reds players care. Todd Frazier popped weakly to first Monday night and slammed the bat in anger and frustration. Todd cares. You can tell the others care by their emotions when they fail in the clutch or their excitement when they make a big play. I know they expect more of themselves than this. I hate it for these guys. I hate it for the Reds fans. We are better than this.

But take heart Reds fans. Joey Votto is having a great second half and I hope he can end up with .300 batting average and 25 homers and 80 RBI. That would be a solid season. Jay Bruce has been on fire and I hope he can end the season with good numbers. Todd Frazier is pursuing the home run title. The Reds young pitchers are having their ups and downs and it will be interesting to see how they finish the season. So there is a lot to look forward to in these last two months but sad to say winning is not one of them.

(Photo: The Enquirer/Kareem Elgazzar)

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