Monday, August 10, 2015

MLB Week 18 - Nuclear Powered

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

In a previous post (Firecrackers and Duds – July 6, 2015), I listed Joey Votto’s slow July start as a dud. Do you think Votto may have read my article? Since the All Star break, nobody’s been hotter, to the point that I believe that Votto glows in the dark. I guess Votto doesn’t sleep, he just gets turned down to a slow simmer.

Here’s some stats; from July 10th through 28th Joseph Daniel Votto reached base safely at least twice via hit, walk or hit by pitch in 15 consecutive games. He went 24 - 48, a .500 batting average, with 4 doubles, 4 homers, 9 runs batted in, 17 walks, and twice hit by pitch. Votto had an on base percentage of .642 and his slugging percentage was a nuclear .833. The 36 hits Votto has collected since July 6 to August 7 has raised his season batting average from .273 to .306.

Useless Trivia; needless to say, Votto’s feat set a franchise record, the Reds previous single - season mark of 13 consecutive games reaching base at least twice per game was shared by Joe Kelley (1903), Johnny Temple (1958), Pete Rose (1967) and Adam Dunn (2002).

Unfortunately, as hot as Votto is, the rest of Cincinnati’s offense has gone stone cold as evidenced by the thirty inning scoreless streak the Reds suffered through from the fourth inning of Wednesday’s 13 inning loss against St. Louis to the fourth inning of Saturday’s win at Arizona.

If I were Zack Cozart, I’d definitely be concerned about my chances of being on the Reds next season.

It would be great if we could somehow morph Zack Cozart’s defense with Eugenio Suarez offense.

During Friday night’s Reds – Diamondbacks game Thom Brennaman told the story of how current Reds coach Jay Bell hit a grand slam in a 1999 game that enabled a fan to win a million dollars as part of a promotion from a local dairy. Bell said that in all the at bats he had in his career, he never wanted to hit a home run more that he did in that game. Very touching story.

I was in attendance at a Triple A Buffalo Bison game when they had a similar promotion back in 1989 against the Louisville Redbirds. At the bottom of every inning a seat number was drawn and the fan who had the seat would win a million dollars if a Bison player hit a grand slam. My number wasn’t picked, but in the last of the seventh, the Bison loaded the bases and a player, I can’t remember who, launched a drive to deep right, everyone held their breath until the ball was caught on the warning track. I think that person was sitting pretty close to me because there was a strong odor of human excrement shortly afterwards.

I did see former St. Louis Cardinal great Pedro Guerrero hit a home run halfway to Syracuse in that game. Guerrero was playing for Louisville on a rehab assignment.

Thom Brennaman is a great baseball announcer, but a horrible actor. Just watch the Apollo Home Services commercials on Reds game telecasts. Maybe he and Pete Rose could take acting lessons together.

Is there anyone on the Reds team that can consistently lay down a bunt? Where is Ed Armbrister?

Did Ivan De Jesus Jr. catch the wicked line drive off the bat of Chris Owings in Sunday’s game, or did the ball catch him?

I saw it and I still don’t believe it; Jay Bruce hit an RBI double to left field in Tuesday’s win against St. Louis.

I enjoyed seeing the way Cincinnati battled St. Louis the past couple of weeks, winning three of the first four games until they realized that they needed to lay down, and did so in the final eighteen consecutive innings of the series. Don’t want to get our hopes up for 2016.

From the I Must Be Getting Old Department; during a break from work, I was reading a copy of Wednesday’s USA Today and I noticed that “Doc Rock”, Rick Springfield was in the movie “Ricki and the Flash” with Academy Award winning actress Meryl Streep. I mentioned it to a co-worker who said, “Who’s Rick Springfield?” In case you’re wondering, the co-worker is in her mid – thirties.

More Useless Trivia; 1980’s rocker Rick Springfield played Dr. Noah Drake on the soap opera General Hospital.

At 65, soon to be 66 in two weeks, Springfield is aging gracefully.

75 Years Ago; Saturday August 10, 1940, Cincinnati blanks the St. Louis Cardinals 5 – 0 in front of approximately 9100 fans at Crosley Field. Reds move to 32 games over .500 (66 – 34) and maintain a six game lead in the National League.

40 Years Ago; Saturday August 9, 1975, Johnny Bench gets his 90th RBI of the season as the Reds roll past the Montreal Expos 9 – 1. The win starts a nine game winning streak to basically put the N.L. West out of reach.

25 Years Ago; Wednesday August 15, 1990, Reds beat the St. Louis Cardinals 3 – 1 in twelve innings to extend their lead in the N.L. West to 8.5 games. With seven wins in their last ten games, Cincinnati added five games to their division lead.

Overheard in church last Wednesday evening; a lady testified that she woke up with Jesus on her mind, and she had a headache all day.

Who says going to church isn’t fun?

Have a blessed week. GO MAN CITY!!!

Dan Howard

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