Monday, September 14, 2015


by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Memo to the Reds; all this sudden dominance of St. Louis is nice by WHY DID YOU WAIT UNTIL SEPTEMBER!!!!

Shouldn’t the National Football League be starting soon? I can’t find out anything about it.

To all you haters of Joey Votto’s tirade last week, that’s what heart and swag looks like, in case you’ve forgotten. I only wished the rest of the Reds played with that much passion.

Appalachian definitions; Swearing – what you do if you hit yourself with a hammer. Cursing – what you do if someone else hits you with a hammer. Cussin’ – what Joey Votto did last Wednesday night.

Remember last year’s trip to San Francisco? The Reds destroyed the eventual World Champions in an impressive four game sweep. It was Cincinnati’s first ever four game sweep at AT&T Park, and it was the first Reds four game sweep in San Francisco since the Big Red Machine era of the 1970’s. (1972 to be exact.)

Then the Reds travelled to San Diego, got swept, and never recovered.

Unfortunately this Cincinnati season ended around Memorial Day.

Alas, there are other pennant races to discuss. I’m so rooting for the former National League Central residents Houston Astros to win the American League West.

Says the man who picked the Atlanta Braves to win the National League East.

Speaking of the N.L. Least, wait until next year you arrogant Nationals!

Don’t tell anyone, but I think the Pittsburgh Pirates may be the best team in the National League, or all of baseball for that matter.

Yeah, it’s true, I did pick the Braves, in spite of my good friend and fellow Redlegs Review contributor Jack Ward, saying the Mets would win the division. I should’ve listened to him, he’s older.

Useless Trivia; should the Houston Astros get to the World Series, they’ll be the first team to play in the Series while members of both leagues. The Astros won the N.L. pennant in 2005, losing to the Chicago White Sox.

Rumor has it that Cincinnati’s Proctor and Gamble Corporation are providing the Reds free Pampers diapers for the rookie pitchers.

Sports drinks, like Gatorade, along with water and soft drinks are a staple in big league clubhouses, the Reds have added Enfamil for the rookies.

The problem with such a youthful pitching staff is that they have to be fed and burped every two hours.

In all seriousness, I think Rasiel Iglesias may make us forget Johnny Cueto.

Says the man who picked the Atlanta Braves to win their division.

75 Years Ago; Thursday September 19, 1940; Paul Derringer wins his 20th game of the season while leading Cincinnati to a 4 – 1 win at Shibe Park in Philadelphia. The win enabled Cincinnati to clinch their second straight National League pennant.

40 Years Ago; Thursday September 18, 1975; Reds defeat the Atlanta Braves 4 – 3 at Fulton County Stadium to earn win number 100. It would be the third time in Cincinnati history that a Reds team wins 100 or more game, 1940, 1970, and 1975. (The Reds would win 102 games in 1976.)

25 Years Ago; Sunday September 23, 1990; Cincinnati defeats the San Diego Padres 9 – 2 at Jack Murphy Stadium. The win caps a crucial four game sweep and allowed the Reds to build a five game lead and lowered their Magic Number to five.

I really don’t know why I picked the Braves this year.

Have a blessed week. GO VIKINGS!!!

Dan Howard

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