Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Comparing Postseason Picks to Reality

by: Jack Ward
Staff Writer

I am not the least bit interested in this year’s World Series. I have never liked the Mets. Kansas City would be a nice story if they win, but it doesn’t matter to me.

How are my playoff predictions going so far?


I had the Dodgers beating the Mets which they should have done. Greinke and Kershaw both lost a game! Basically, the Dodgers gave the series to the Mets.

I had the Dodgers over the Cubs for the NL pennant. Well, at least I didn’t have the Cubs in the World Series.

I had the Dodgers beating the Blue Jays for the World Championship. Wow! That was way off. I just didn’t think the Royals had the pitching to win, but evidently they had just enough. No way I had the Mets going this far.

At least in this World Series we won’t have a wildcard team in it. Last year it was an all-wild card World Series for the second time. Can you name the first time it happened? The Giants and the Angels in 2002. I like the wild card but I think it serves MLB better if teams that win their division win the World Series. It should be rare when wild card teams win the series.

The Wild Card began in 1995 with one per league. In 2012, they added a second wild card per league. In fact, six times has a wild card team won the World Series. Wild card teams have played 12 times in the World Series in 20 seasons since it began in 1995. That’s quite a few. Since it was expanded to two wild card teams in 2012 only the Royals and Giants from last year have made it to the World Series. That extra wild card game evens the field I believe. I like the playoff format just like it is.

While the World Series will be the focus for the next few days, and won’t end until December….I mean November 4th...if it goes seven games. By the way…why can’t they start the regular season a week earlier and avoid playing in November? This is insane to me. The NBA starts the last Tuesday of October, the NFL is going strong, why then would MLB want the World Series to be in the middle of all of that? I don’t get it. Nothing much is going on in late March. The NCAA basketball tournament is down to the final four so that’s no big deal. Start the season the last Sunday/last Monday in March instead of the first of April.

I’m hoping that Brandon Phillips will win another Gold Glove which is announced on November the 10th on ESPN. I don’t know what the Reds are planning for the off season. But as we have mentioned getting Devin Mesoraco, Homer Bailey, and Zack Cozart back is a start. Starting pitching and bullpen help is a must, as it is with every major league team in the off season, but especially with the Reds. Also better hitting with men on base has to rank high on the list also.

Back to the World Series…I’m hoping the Royals win but if I was a betting man I would pick the Mets as bad as I hate to. I just think they have the better pitching.

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