Friday, December 18, 2015

Dark Winter for the Reds

by: Jack Ward
Staff Writer

First of all, goodbye to Todd Frazier as he was traded to the White Sox. I was told during last season that Todd was un touchable. I guess things changed when he finished the season in a long slump. I think it’s an awful move to trade a popular player like Todd for the fan base. The Reds believe that they have two major league ready players in Jose Peraza, who they hope will play second base next season. (What does that mean for Brandon Phillips?) and Scott Schebler, who can play outfield. We shall see what happens but the Reds are in full blown rebuild mode and that means for Reds fans a few years of futility. That my loyal Reds fans, is not what we wanted to hear. It was my opinion that the Reds could contend with their nucleus of veterans like Leake, Votto, Bruce, Phillips, Frazier, Chapman, Bailey and Mesoraco. But when the dust clears only Votto, Mesoraco and Bailey will remain.

We may certainly be saying goodbye to Aroldis Chapman to the Dodgers as soon as they work out some legal issues with Chapman. If not the Dodgers, then I read where the Yankees and Astros are interested in him. Bottom line is Chapman will not be back with the Reds next season.