Wednesday, April 27, 2016

MLB Week 3 - The City is in Ruins

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Cincinnati is gone.

The Gem of the Ohio River, the Queen City, a.k.a. Porkopolis, is now a vast, deserted, and smoldering wasteland. Women are screaming, children are sobbing uncontrollably, and men wander aimlessly in total disbelief as to what happened to their city and everyone asks “Will there be anyone who’ll dare to stop the Big Blue Monster?”

O.K., enough with the dramatics, but the Reds were thoroughly dominated over the weekend, to the tune of 38 runs allowed, 10 homers, 11 doubles, not to mention the Cubs batted .314 during the beat down. In the three games Chicago won, they outscored Cincinnati 33 – 1. I’m still wondering how the Reds managed to win 13 – 5 on Saturday.

Useless Trivia; the Reds are 3 – 0 this season on Saturday.

Should I mention Jake Arietta’s no hitter last Thursday? Nah, but after 7,109 consecutive regular season games with a hit, I guess it was bound to happen. I will say that I believe that was the most embarrassing loss in Reds history.

More Useless Trivia; the last time Cincinnati was no hit, during the regular season, was June 23, 1971, a 4 – 0 loss to Rick Wise and the Philadelphia Phillies at Riverfront Stadium. Incidentally, three weeks earlier, on June 3, 1971, Chicago’s Ken Holtzman not hit Cincinnati 1 – 0 also at Riverfront Stadium.

On a side note, three days after Holtzman’s no hitter, the popular CBS television program, “The Ed Sullivan Show” ended after 23 years.

For what it’s worth, the Reds bullpen still sucks.

A few years ago I wrote how former Red Ryan Ludwick criticized Cincinnati fans for not showing passion during a New York Mets sweep toward the end of the 2013 season. I, in turn criticized Ludwick and the Reds for not playing with passion. Three seasons later and now I feel I must join Ludwick in his criticism. I saw absolutely zero passion from Cincinnati’s fans during the Chicago series. I mean, the Cubs are one of our top division rivals, alongside St. Louis and Pittsburgh, and it just seemed the fans, whom I consider the best in baseball, were being polite as to not disturb the sleeping fan next to them.

With the close proximity the fans are to the field, Great American Ballpark should be a place that strikes fear in the Reds opponents.

Then again I guess it’s hard to passionately cheer for a team that is down 4 – 0 before their first turn at bat.

Yeah, Sam Lecure is right. Bryan Price has had a long leash for some of his pitchers, and his managerial record is living proof of that.

40 Years Ago – Saturday April 17, 1976 (Sorry, I failed to include this last week), Fred Norman pitches a complete game four hitter as the Reds defeat the San Francisco Giants 11 – 0. Pete Rose goes 3 for 4 to raise his batting average to .548. Ken Griffey also goes 3 for 4. George Foster hits his first homer of 1976 and drives in four runs.

40 Years Ago – Friday April 30, 1976, Johnny Bench hammers two home runs and drives in three to lead Cincinnati past Montreal 7 – 2 at Riverfront Stadium.

You know, I think the Bryan Price Experiment should come to an end.

Have a blessed week. GO REDS!

Dan Howard

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