Monday, April 4, 2016

Reds Preveiw 2016 – Time For Spring

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer


Ah, blissful, restful sleep. Then you hear it, that annoying sound of your alarm clock. BEEP…. BEEP…. BEEP…. BEEP…. CRASH!

You then place the hammer back under your bed, give a satisfying smirk, and roll over to go back to sleep.


It is at that point you realize you dreamt the previous sequence, kick the covers off the bed, and arise to start your day.

Stumbling into the bathroom, you stretch, yawn, and scratch in places that wouldn’t be accepted in a social setting. You’re relieved to know that, while you’re relieving yourself, all the “indoor plumbing” still works. You reach for the toothbrush, making sure the toothpaste and hemorrhoid ointment are a significant distance apart, remembering the last painful time they weren’t.

Once the task of personal hygiene is complete, you groggily make your way to your computer, take a deep breath, and say…


The daily routine of a 52-year-old me.

The 2016 baseball season is now upon us, and I would like to say how I really didn’t like the moves our Reds made in the offseason, I LOVED IT!!!!!

In 2015 with Aroldis Chapman, Todd Frazier, Skip Schumaker, Brayan Pena, along with the other members of the Reds, Cincinnati won a scintillating 64 games, meaning they LOST 98 games. Fourth worst season in club history.

Look, don’t expect much from this season’s club. I do believe they’ll slightly improve their woeful 2015 results. Will they lose 98 games? Probably not, but don’t count out a 90 loss season this year.

Their modest six game winning streak at the end of March was impressive, but that was Spring Training. Just ask Chris Heisey how important Spring Training numbers are.

Yes, Joey Votto hit well over .400, Eugenio Suarez and Adam Duvall both sported batting averages over.300, but that was Spring Training.

The pitching and bullpen was good, as was the defense, and the offense actually got hits with runners in scoring position, which was woefully lacking last year. But that was Spring Training.

All I’m saying is that Spring Training is over, time to strap it on for real.

With that in mind, time for fearless predictions for 2016.

After the Reds win just five games in April, Bryan Price finally gets fired. Cincinnati controversially hires Ozzie Guillen, who guides the youthful Reds to 76 wins.

N.L. East – Washington Nationals (Dusty wins in his first year)

N.L. Central – Chicago Cubs (yeah, I’m drinking their Kool Aid)

N.L. West – San Francisco Giants (it’s an even year isn’t it?)

Wild Card 1 – New York Mets (their pitching is that good, just not good enough to overtake the Nationals)

Wild Card 2 – St. Louis Cardinals (Mike Matheny knows how to get the most from his players)

A.L. East – Toronto Blue Jays (last year’s success was just the beginning)

A.L. Central – Kansas City Royals (hey, they won in 2014 without Johnny Cueto)

A.L. West – Houston Astros (this is their year to win the division)

Wild Card 1 – Baltimore Orioles (they will improve their 81 – 81 record last year)

Wild Card 2 – Texas Rangers (I think Houston will be too good this year)

N.L. Wild Card game – St. Louis over New York

A.L. Wild Card game – Baltimore over Texas

N.L. D.S. – St. Louis over Washington, Chicago over San Francisco

A.L.D.S. – Toronto over Kansas City, Houston over Baltimore

N.L.C.S. – Chicago over St. Louis

A.L.C.S. – Toronto over Houston

World Series – Let’s just say the longest championship drought in U.S. sports history ends this year 4 games to 2.

Blue Kool Aid is tasty.

Have a blessed week. GO REDS!!!!

Dan Howard

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