Wednesday, May 18, 2016

MLB Week 6 - The Great Pretenders

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

As the Reds seemingly regress, these articles get harder to write each week.

I was watching a baseball game Sunday when a hockey fight broke out.

Pretty good scuffle between Texas’ Rougned Odor and Toronto’s Jose Bautista. I just wish that Adrian Beltre didn’t hold Bautista back.

If my name was Rougned Odor, I’d probably learn how to fight too.

Here’s an idea, how about a three round bout between Odor and Bautista as an undercard for an upcoming heavyweight fight, or during the next UFC event.

I wish the Reds had some fight in them.

Reds reliever Ross Ohlendorf received a three game suspension for intentionally throwing a pitch at Pittsburgh’s David Freese last week. Thank you Major League Baseball, it’s not like he’ll be missed.

Reds manager Bryan Price was also suspended for his role in the game. I wish the Reds would suspend him indefinitely.

The pitching staff formerly known as the Cincinnati Reds bullpen is officially the worst in all of baseball, Little League included.

Reds pitching coach Mark Riggins was asked about his pitching staff’s execution, he said he favored it.

Having some friends who live in Philadelphia, I really don’t blame Joey Votto for faking out Philly fans on Sunday. These fans booed Santa Claus back in December 1979, and I’m sure some of them booed the Pope last summer during his visit to the alleged “City of Brotherly Love”.

40 Years Ago: Monday May 17, 1976, in front of 53,652 at Dodger Stadium, Ken Griffey Sr. goes 2 for 4 with three RBI to lead Cincinnati past Los Angeles 5 – 3. Pat Zachary out duels Don Sutton to give Cincinnati a slim half game lead in the National League West Division.

Have a blessed week, see you on the Redlegs Review Podcast!

Dan Howard

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