Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Season Continues to Spiral Downward for Lackluster Reds

by: Jack Ward
Staff Writer

Well, it’s almost Memorial day and the Reds are floundering badly. After losing every game on a recent home stand….every single game! They now are on the dreaded west coast road trip. This means games at LA and Colorado, which historically have never gone well for the Reds. In the middle of this trip they head to Milwaukee and then back to Colorado.

The Reds have lost eight straight. They haven’t hit and when they do they don’t pitch. But on Monday night they got a great performance from Brandon Finnegan. A complete game, even though it was eight innings we’ll take it. Something that greatly concerns me about Brandon Finnegan though. He said after his brilliant outing “I make the same pitches every game, sometimes they hit them and sometimes they don’t.” That is true, I guess…..but I wonder why batters never seem to hit Clayton Kershaw or Jake Arrieta? And when they do get hit….these guys always blame it on their poor location or one or two bad pitches. They admit that they make mistakes! Hmm…. But Brandon Finnegan always makes the same pitches? Maybe he should try some different pitches.

Joey Votto continues his struggles like we have never seen him before. Hitting just above the Mendoza line (.200) and we are almost two months into the season. I hope it’s just a bad start and him hitting into some bad luck. There is no way Joey Votto will stay in the low two hundreds batting average for the season. He will get hot of that I’m confident. He is walking less now as they are not pitching around him as much since he is struggling. This has to be hard to be a great player like Joey not only hitting poorly but seeing his team lose night after night. Remember, the Reds started the season 5-1. Since then they have won just 10 and lost 29! Woah!

The Reds continue to run players, mostly pitchers, back and forth from the majors to the minors. I know that Bryan Price has the reputation of sticking with his guys too long, but it appears to me that he is getting more impatient now, which is good. I am not saying anything about his job. Will a new manager make any difference? I don’t think so, not at this point. If I were in his shoes I couldn’t wait to be relieved from this mess. He will have made over ten million dollars by the end of his contract at the conclusion of this season. I would take my firing or non-renewal of my contract, tip my hat and say thank you very much for the opportunity and have a nice day.

The Reds are not the worst team in baseball…so far. That honor goes to the Minnesota Twins and the Atlanta Braves. The Twins are a paltry 11-33 and the Braves just a bit better at 12-31. Both teams are on a pace to lose more than 120 games! The Reds are on a pace to lose 108 games which would shatter the worst Reds team of all….the 1982 Reds who finished 61-101. And I truly believe this team will get a shot at the record for futility. So at least this season has a chance to be long remembered and the ’82 Reds will be glad to no longer be the “worst” Reds team of all time.

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