Monday, June 27, 2016

Recapping the Weekend Which Paid Homage to Charlie Hustle

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by: Jack Ward
Staff Writer

It was a great weekend honoring Pete Rose at GABP! Pete looks great for the age of 75. And his candor and his insights are always delightful. I could listen to Pete Rose, Joe Morgan and Johnny Bench talk all day about baseball. To me (except for Bible teaching and Bible preaching) there is nothing more interesting than to hear these wonderful Reds players from days past talk baseball.

Pete is a national treasure. Pete has mellowed over the years somewhat. Yes, I even see signs of humility coming out of him. As he seems to be less inclined to toot his own horn (if you don’t count the Ichiro hit controversy of last week.)

There will never be another Pete Rose! Unfortunately, he will never be in the baseball writers Hall of Fame. But who cares? That is the BASEBALL WRITERS Hall of Fame not the Major League baseball hall of fame. In fact, there is no Major League Baseball hall of fame! Cooperstown belongs to the writers and who cares what they think? Only the Hall of Fame Old Timers committee is comprised of former players and executives of Baseball. All the other hall of famers are selected by a group of baseball writers. Don’t get me wrong, I respect their craft and Hal McCoy is deserving of every honor. But there should be a hall of fame where everyone gets a say.

The Reds Hall of Fame belongs to the team and the fans. That’s the way the Baseball Hall of Fame should be. Not baseball writers but baseball teams and fans should decide who they want in the hallowed halls of Cooperstown. But that will never happen.

The Reds were awful for the weekend. With a sold out GABP and playing the last place San Diego Padres they could only muster one win in a four game series. That win came on Sunday. And that was all due to a superb outing on Sunday by Anthony Desclafani. Overall, the product on the field for the Reds was lackluster and uninspiring. With the Cubs coming to town having lost five out of six you know they are going to look to get back in gear against the lowly Reds.

Homer Bailey is going on a rehab assignment very soon. I think Cody Reed will be very good with some more innings. Finnegan, Straily or Lamb will be out of the rotation when Bailey comes back.

Isn’t Jay Bruce having a simply marvelous season? Second in the National league with 58 RBI’s. He is on pace to drive in 120 runs and hit 35 home runs! He has cut his strikeouts down and his batting average is on the rise at .279. That the highest his batting average has been this late in the season as far back as I can remember. He is third in slugging just behind Anthony Rizzo and Nolan Arenado. This all means that sooner or later the Reds are going to move Bruce. I hope it doesn’t happen but several teams are and will be interested in him as the trade deadline comes next month. The Cleveland Indians covet Jay Bruce greatly. They are red hot and in first place in the American League Central and need an outfielder badly.

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