Monday, August 8, 2016

Pitching Staff Coming Alive, Farewell to A-Rod


by: Jack Ward
Staff Writer

The Reds continue to play much better led by much better pitching and better clutch hitting which gives up plenty of hope that things can change much quicker than we thought. The Reds have really stock piled pitching in their system. The fact that we have already seen Iglasias, Desclafani, Lorenzen, and Cingrani have great success you know that the coffers are definitely full of potential (There’s that word) of good to even great major league pitchers.

Brandon Finnegan has been fantastic in his last two outings going 12 innings with only six hits allowed and just three walks. He didn’t walk anyone in his last outing against St Louis. That is a big turnaround for Brandon who had been averaging 4.3 walks per nine innings. The Reds are hoping for big things from this kid. He is showing the promise that the Reds have that Brandon can be a solid starter for the Reds for many years to come.

Homer Bailey was not good against Pittsburgh on Saturday. I thought he made some great pitches that weren’t called strikes and it put him in a big hole. But Homer has not pitched particularly well anywhere including his rehab starts. Yes, he pitched okay against San Diego but honestly the Padres only have one bona fide hitter in Wil Myers. Am I concerned? Not really. Homer has experience and has the ability. I think Homer will be Homer. He never was very consistent anyway. But I think he is plenty good enough to be the number two or three starter for any team. The Reds are hoping he can be their number one starter and they are certainly paying him for that. But I don’t know if he can be that but he shouldn’t have to be for the Reds to be successful.

Goodbye to Alex Rodriguez. The Yankees are putting Alex on the DFA (designated for assignment) this Friday. That will give him less than one-week good bye tour. He will be in Boston and then home. He so far has 696 home runs with over two thousand RBI’s and runs Scored. He has some awesome numbers. He was on a path to be the greatest player of all time. He was a great fielding shortstop and then third basemen. He had great speed. He could hit for power and average. But the cloud of steroid use over shadowed his career. There is no question that he would have had a hall of fame career without steroids. Why did he do it?

In a way, I can understand a guy wanting to maximize his ability. On the other hand, he should have known that it wasn’t right to mess with this stuff. Barry Bonds falls into the same category of a guy who would have been a sure fired hall of famer without the shroud of PED’s over him. It’s sad that we will never know what the effect steroid use had on these naturally gifted, all-time great baseball players. One thing steroid use did for sure………it ruined the numbers and stained the legacy of the two greatest players of any era

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