Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Reds Notebook: Puig, Bailey, Frazier

by: Jack Ward
Staff Writer

Ken Rosenthal tweeted that the Reds should claim Yasiel Puig off waivers. There are six teams ahead of the Reds on the wavier priority list according to Ken. The Braves, Twins, Diamondbacks, Rays, Padres and Angels. He says that Atlanta and Anaheim will probably put in a claim.

He goes on to say if the Reds can claim Puig then Dick Williams and company will have the opportunity to work out a trade for him. The Reasons: One, Puig is only 25 years old. Two, He was an All-Star in his first two seasons, just two seasons ago. Three, his value as a trade asset will never be lower, that is the Reds ostensibly can get him cheaper than at any other time in Puig’s career. Fourthly, these are low-risk and high-reward moves that the Reds absolutely need to be taking as they move into the next phase of the rebuild. And finally, if it doesn’t work out, how are the Reds in any worse shape than they currently are?

Good points by Mr. Rosenthal. But I think Yasiel has more off-field issues than the Reds need to deal with. Right now I have heard that the Reds clubhouse is one of the best. And it could be that Mr. Puig might be a model citizen given this new lease on life for his career. But I have doubts. If you have doubts, do you take a chance?

Well, speaking of doubts, according to an article last week, former Red Todd Frazier took a shot at the Reds or did he? He said in the article that he would “love to stay in Chicago because it is a great club with great ownership. It was very different in Cincinnati, it wasn’t good. Bottom line here is these guys (White Sox) know what they are doing.” So did he mean that the Reds management doesn’t know what they are doing? Maybe the Reds clubhouse isn’t so good?

There is growing concern for Homer Bailey after his one inning outing Sunday. He said his elbow is fine but is having trouble with bicep tenderness. I agree with Hall of Fame writer Hal McCoy, the Reds might as well shut Homer down and get off to a fresh start next year. Is it the Reds goal to avoid one hundred losses or get these players better for next year? First of all, the Reds only have to win 8 games out of their next 33 to avoid one hundred losses. I think they will do that easily anyway with Homer or not.

The Reds though are on the heels of the Brewers for fourth place in the National League Central. I don’t think the Reds should risk anybody’s health to get out of the cellar but it would be nice to end the season in fourth place. That gives the Reds fans something to root for in an otherwise unrootable season. (Is unrootable a word?) It should be for those fans of teams that start the season with hope and soon crash to the ground in flames. Unrootable….I like it!

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