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MLB Week 23 – Fifteen Years Ago…

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by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Fifteen years ago, on what seemed to be a perfect Tuesday morning, nearly three thousand individuals left their homes, and never returned.

Fifteen years ago, the innocence of this nation, and the world, changed as unspeakable evil crept upon our shores in an event so aptly described as “a cowardly attack”.

Fifteen years ago, time seemingly stopped moving as we watched in absolute horror the events unfolding in New York City, Washington D.C. and that field near Pittsburgh.

Fifteen years ago, in the worst single day of our life, we saw the best of America as untold numbers of rescue personnel risked their lives in an effort to save others, unfortunately 411 heroes met the same fate as the ones they were attempting to rescue. Among the deceased included 343 New York City Firefighters, 37 Port Authority Police Officers, 23 New York City Police Officers and 8 Emergency Medical Technicians.

Fifteen years ago, in an airplane over the Midwest, thirty-six passengers on United flight 93 began what would later be known as “The War on Terror”, as they fought the terrorists, nearly taking control of their ill-fated flight until one of the cowards ditched the plane in a field around Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

A few days ago I was watching a program describing the events of September 11 (I refuse to write 9/11 in reference to this day, we don’t describe the Pearl Harbor attacks as 12/7 do we? Independence Day as 7/4?), and my youngest son, Ethan, commented “That’s the day the towers fell.”, then it hit me, he’s only eleven, this is a moment in history to him. I was just twenty-three days old when President Kennedy was assassinated, so I have absolutely no recollection of November 22, 1963. I do have vivid recollections of some other historic events in American history like the Vietnam War ending in April 1975, John Lennon’s murder in December 1980, and President Reagan’s attempted assassination in March 1981. Then, Derek, my fourteen-year-old nephew, came into the room to watch the program, he was born in January 2002, four months after the attacks. I’m very curious how that day is being taught in public schools. I’m positive it’s decidedly different than the way the Pearl Harbor attacks were taught to my generation.

I pray we never forget September 11, 2001.

Our beloved Cincinnati Reds just finished an oh-for-the-last-two-years streak against the New York Mets, in fact the Reds have dropped fourteen straight to the Mets which got me thinking, how many “oh-for-the-season” versus opponents has Cincinnati had in their history, the number may surprise you, eight against six teams, with a minimum of five games. Here’s a breakdown;

1981 – St. Louis Cardinals 0 – 5

2002 – Arizona Diamondbacks 0 – 6

2002 & 2004 – Oakland Athletics 0 – 6 (0 – 3 both seasons)

2006 – Los Angeles Dodgers 0 – 6

2009 – Colorado Rockies 0 – 7

2015 – New York Mets 0 – 7

2016 – New York Mets 0 – 7

By contrast the Reds did sweep a season series once, in 1998, winning nine straight against the defending World Champions Florida Marlins.

That was a nice recovery at PNC Park in Pittsburgh this past weekend, winning three of four.

Shouldn’t the National Football League be starting soon? I can’t find out anything about it.

Happy Belated Birthday’s to Billy Hamilton 26 on 9/9) and Joey Votto (33 on 9/10). Votto celebrated in style Saturday by going 4 for 5 with a home run and two runs scored in Cincinnati’s 8 – 7 win. Votto raised his average to .318 on the season, only to see it drop to .315 with a 0 – 4 day on Sunday.

I can’t remember what I did on my thirty-third birthday.

When my Redlegs Review podcast partner Jack Ward turned thirty-three, Thomas Edison had just invented the incandescent light bulb.

Seriously, Jack Ward turns 60 next week.

Over the past four seasons Reds pitchers are second in the Majors with 262 hit batters, Pittsburgh pitchers leads MLB with 293. Hey Pirates, our pitchers suck, what’s your excuse?

40 Years Ago; Thursday September 16, 1976, Don Gullett pitches a complete game and collects two hits to lead the Reds past the Los Angeles Dodgers 4 – 2 at Riverfront Stadium. The Reds increased their lead in the National League West to twelve full games.

Useless Trivia; in the game mentioned above, Ivan De Jesus Jr.’s dad came off the bench to pinch hit, flying out to Ken Griffey Jr.’s dad. in the seventh inning.

Have a blessed week. “LET’S ROLL!!!!”

Dan Howard

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