Monday, September 12, 2016

Sinking Pirates Extra Sweet for Redlegs

by: Jack Ward
Staff Writer

Nice weekend for the Reds in Pittsburgh. They finished the Pirates for the season and that is so sweet. And the Reds did it in Pittsburgh, double sweet. We all remember in 2013 when the Pirates mercilessly taunted, and harassed Johnny Cueto and all the Reds players and fans non-stop during the whole game. The Pirates grabbed a quick 2-0 lead in the bottom of the second and they celebrated obnoxiously and derided the Reds from that point until the game was over. The Reds lost 6-2. I know the Pirates hadn’t been to a postseason in over 20 years at the time. And you know what? They sure acted like it!

Bitter? Yeah! Jealous? No! I know the Reds fans will never ever act like that. Why? Reds fans respect the game and we respect our opponents. We cheer when we're supposed to. And boo when we must. But Reds fans won’t taunt or insult other players no matter what. Why? Midwestern and southern manners. Most of us who live in the Midwest have ancestors from Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia. Southerners have manners and respect. And these transplanted southerners brought hard work, respect for others, manners and ethics with them when they came north looking for work after World War II. But to be honest when the southerners arrived in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan they found that those people, a lot of them descendants from German and Irish potato farmers, had much the same values as they did.

What is Pittsburgh’s excuse? I love the city of Pittsburgh and their citizens come from hard-working steel mill people with a strong work ethic and moral values. But they are rotten winners. It’s not their fault. Back in the day when you worked in a hot mill all day you looked forward to something to escape the day to day hardness of the mills. So they embraced the Steelers and the Pirates. Now who likes a Steelers fan except a Steeler fan? My point is made. They are awful when they win. But to give them some credit they are very cordial and quiet when they lose. So let’s keep them quiet. There is your free history lesson. Bottom line is I LOVE TO BEAT THE PIRATES AND THE STEELERS!

Joey Votto continues to hit out of his mind and I must also give credit to Brandon Phillips. He wore the Pirates out over the weekend. He is batting .289 for the season. He’s got a shot at finishing at .300. I’m rooting for him.

The Reds only need five wins in the last twenty games to pass last year’s team total. Last year the Reds had Aroldis Chapman and Jay Bruce all season and Mike Leake and Johnny Cueto til late July. Hard to believe that they lost 98 games and this team won’t. Things just didn’t go well for the 2015 Reds and they just could not turn it around. This team is still three games over .500 since the All-Star break giving us hope that next year they can at least be a .500 team and go up from there.

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