Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Redlegs Review Podcast: Episode 16

In this edition of the podcast, Jack Ward and Dan Howard discuss the latest incident involving Chicago's Chris Sale and "uniform-gate," the second half resurgence of the Reds, and much more.

MLB Week 16 - A Decent Start

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

I guess at 38 – 60 this season, a 6 – 3 home stand coming off the All Star break could be considered as encouraging.

Then again it WAS against the Brewers, Braves and Diamondbacks. Reality returns Monday at San Francisco.

Since 2012, our Reds have won only seven of twenty-two games against this weekend’s opponents the San Diego Padres, 2 – 7 over the last three years at Petco Park.

I think Joey Votto is beginning to heat up, just like last season after the All Star break. At the end of May, Votto was batting .213, since June 1st, Votto is hitting .352 (51 for 145) and has raised his batting average sixty-three points to its current .276.

Votto leads the National League in hitting since June 1st, and is third in the Majors behind Houston’s Jose Altuve (.394) and Toronto’s Josh Donaldson (.366).

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Reds Back to Winning Ways, Bruce on the Way Out?

by: Jack Ward
Staff Writer

The Reds are 6-2 since the All-Star break! Before you get too excited we have to remember that the Reds have played the Milwaukee Brewers, the woeful Atlanta Braves and the last place Arizona Diamondbacks. But at least the Reds are winning the games they should be winning. The Reds close out July with a six game road trip to the Giants and Padres. Through Saturday the Reds are 9-8 in July.

Actually the Reds are fourth in the National League in hitting for the month of July. The Reds are tenth in ERA at 3.99 which is much better than their over 5.00 ERA for the season.

Joey Votto is hitting .412 in July with a .557 on base percentage and a 1.204 OPS! Last year after the All Star break Joey led the majors in Average, on base percentage and OPS. Sounds like he may be repeating 2015. We certainly hope so.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Redlegs Review Podcast: Episode 15

In this 15th podcast of the 2016 season, Dan Howard and Jack Ward discuss Cincinnati's nice second-half start along with how several Reds are putting together nice individual seasons number-wise, especially while doing so for a last place club. 

MLB Week 15 – Nowhere to Go but Up

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Oh, how I hate losing to the American League.

Useless Trivia; since the National League defeated the American League 2 – 0 in 13 innings at Oakland on July 14, 1987, the “Junior Circuit” has reeled off 22 wins while losing 6 with one tie. The N.L. holds a slim advantage over the A.L. 43 – 42 – 2.

Boy do I miss the “Good Ol’ Days” of my youth, when three things were certain, death, taxes and the National League winning the All Star Game.

Are you impressed with the Reds 3 – 1 start after the All Star game? This is the best second half start under Bryan Price. It matches the start of the 2010, 2012, and 2013 Reds.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Lamb's Demotion Proves Sticking in the Bigs is Tough

by: Jack Ward
Staff Writer

It’s July 18th and the Reds are 2-1 in the second half. Great pitching on Friday and Sunday. John Lamb was awful on Saturday and got sent down to AAA Louisville. The Reds called up outfielder Kyle Waldrop. I hate that for John Lamb, but in any business if you don’t produce, the business has options. They can put you some place where you can be successful or get rid of you altogether. That’s life. And baseball life can seem to be so cruel sometimes. A player is thrilled to be in the major leagues after such a long hard climb through the minors, and then due to the tremendous pressure to succeed and stay in the big leagues, they just can’t put together any success. It’s the same for a young player either a hitter or pitcher. Sometimes it’s best for them to get a little taste of the big time and then to back to the minors and work on their shortcomings. Hopefully they will eventually make it back to the bright lights, but sadly many never do. Again that’s baseball life.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Redlegs Review Podcast: Episode 14

In this "All-Star Game" edition of the podcast, the guys take a breather on the lackluster 2016 season of the Redlegs, and focus instead on Monday's Home Run Derby and look ahead to Tuesday's Midsummer clash between the National and American Leagues.

MLB Week 14 – A Break from Losing

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Notes from the lounge chair.

BREAKING NEWS: The Reds have no pitchers in Tuesday’s All Star Game.

At least the All Star break means our beloved Reds can’t lose for the next four days. Can’t win either.

Impressive showing from Adam Duvall in the Home Run Derby, losing in the semi-finals to last year’s champ, and former Red, Todd Frazier.

Frazier fell in the championship round to Giancarlo Stanton 20 – 12. Frazier probably would have had more if it weren’t for some kid in left field robbing him a couple of times.

“Yes, it is more fun to steal a homer than to hit one.” Says the man who has robbed homers but never hit one himself (me).

Monday, July 11, 2016

All-Star Game Notes and Looking Ahead to Second Half

Jay Bruce taking BP.JPG

by: Jack Ward
Staff Writer

The Reds have two players in the 2016 All Star game now. First, Adam Duvall and then Jay Bruce was added last week as a replacement for Dexter Fowler. Congrats to Jay for his third All Star selection.

The Reds limp into the All Star break by being swept by the Marlins to reach the break with a record of 32-57. Interesting the Reds started the season with a three game sweep over the Phillies and they come to the All Star break getting swept three games by the Marlins. The Reds had so much going for them after that first week in April. They started the season 5-1. But reality set in and the Reds have gone 27-56 since.

After the All Star game, the Reds have a great opportunity to get the second half off to a good start as they play the Brewers, Braves and Diamondbacks in a nine game home stand. Two last place teams and a next to last team in the Brewers. Then they travel to San Fran for three and wrap up the month in San Diego.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

MLB Week 13 - Freedom

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation."

- Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence

We Reds fans need to petition King Robert Castellini to set us free from the tyranny of the bad baseball played under the despotic reign of Lord Bryan Price.

Since the back to back wins our Reds enjoyed on June 13 & 14, Cincinnati has won just four of their last nineteen games, and are on pace to finish with a club record 104 losses this season.

Good News - The Reds bullpen had an E.R.A. of 4.77 for the month of June.

Bad News – The bullpen E.R.A. is STILL 5.93.

I guess it was all Mark Riggins fault.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Redlegs Review Podcast: Episode 13

In this weekly edition of the podcast, Jack Ward and Dan Howard share their thoughts on the first half of Cincinnati's 2016 season as well as some trade deadline decisions the club may make. 

Riggins Gone, Others May Follow as Deadline Nears

by: Jack Ward
Staff Writer

The Reds made a big move on Sunday. They fired the pitching coach! Wow! Really? Is that all you can do is fire a guy who had nothing to work with? The Reds pitching has been depleted with injuries and inexperience. Maybe Mark Riggins was fired because veterans JJ Hoover and _______performed badly. Maybe he was fired because the pitching was last in just about every category. But what did you expect from this staff of young pitchers? I’m all for change if it helps the problem. But I don’t know how much this is going to help. As Hal McCoy said “Mark wore out I don’t know how many pairs of shoes going back and forth from the mound this year.” It’s sad for Mark and his family, but I read that the Reds are going to keep him employed within the organization. That is a class move on their part.

Trading deadline in July 31st. The All Star Break is coming up next week. It should be interesting to see what the Reds do if anything. I hope that they keep Jay Bruce and Zack Cozart. But they are at the head of all the trade rumors. I know Jay Bruce has got to be sick of all this. I read where Jay, who has some teams on his no-trade list, is willing to consider all possibilities now. I hope that Jay goes to a winner and gets to compete for a title. But the best thing for the Reds is that Jay has some very good numbers and the Reds can command a higher price for him. And Jay is relatively cheap. The Reds owe him one more year at 13 million. I would say this time the Jay Bruce will be traded and it will be sad to see him go but we must move on. He is a crowd favorite.