Monday, May 29, 2017

MLB Week 8 - Streaky Season So Far

By Dan Howard
Staff Writer

What a topsy-turvy baseball season this has been.
Our Reds began 2017 winning seven of the first nine games, followed by losing eleven of the next fourteen, then winning nine of eleven to push their record to 19 – 15. The seventeen-inning marathon loss at San Francisco started a Cincinnati seven game losing streak. Now, prior to the start of the Toronto series, at Memorial Day, the Reds have won five of the last eight to run their record to 24 – 25.

Two-and-a-half games out of first at Memorial Day isn’t bad, considering that no one seems to be running away with the division, yet.

This will be Joey Votto’s second time playing in his hometown. Votto grew up about 10K’s from Rogers Centre. That’s a little over six miles in our units of measure.
Some of us old fogies can remember that the United States were supposed to convert to the metric system on January 1, 1980. Even older fogies stopped it.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

MLB Week 7 - Fading Fast

By Dan Howard
Staff Writer

With the second leg of the Triple Crown just past, I thought I’d interject a little horse racing humor. Considering how poorly the Reds are playing, if I don’t laugh about it, I’d probably start crying.

Seven straight losses, eight losses in the past nine games, when is it all going to end?

The pitching has been awful during this swoon, the defense mediocre, but the offense has been decent, scoring five runs in each of the games at Wrigley Stadium (just a dig at the Cub fans), followed by six, twelve, and four runs in the Rockies series.

It’s getting about time for Joey Votto’s annual hot streak. He usually warms up around June 1st.

Useless Trivia; In the ninth inning of the Reds 9-3 win on April 18 against Baltimore, reliever Drew Storen became the fourth Reds pitcher to strike out all 3 batters in an inning on just 9 pitches. Storen joined Hod Eller on August 21, 1917 versus the New York Giants, Rob Dibble on June 4, 1989 against San Diego, and Carlos Contreras (remember him) who fanned three Pittsburgh Pirates on nine pitches on July 11, 2014.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

MLB Week 6 - Going Down

By Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Last week we were touting the highs of the Reds success, this week a totally different story.

Sure, it got off to a decent start, splitting the series with those “Darned” Yankees. That was a great catch by Eugenio Suarez leading to the double play that ended Tuesday’s 5 – 3 win versus New York. Then there was the 3 – 2 win Thursday in the first of four at San Francisco.

Then someone pulled the plug.

Did any of you stay up to see the end of Friday night’s/Saturday morning’s seventeen inning marathon, ended by Buster Posey’s walk off homer. Neither did I. Blame that on being fifty-three years old. Sleep is a wonderful thing.

It was nice to see Johnny Cueto in his usual dominance last Friday. Eight innings pitched, two earned runs, and six strikeouts. Kinda made it worth letting him go in lieu of our one hundred six-million-dollar man Homer Bailey.

Have we missed any of Homer Bailey’s starts this year? No, in fact, Bailey hasn’t pitched since August 28, 2016 at Arizona.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

MLB Week 5 - Where Did This Come From?

By Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Ha! Made you look! In case you’re wondering, that’s an Aston Martin Vulcan, the British built hyper car that will set you back only 2.3 million dollars. Don’t expect to see any on the highway, they’re a track only car.

Baseball is beautiful in its simplicity, a marvelous wonder of dexterity, grace, and pure athleticism. Much like the car in the picture.

Then there’s the Atlanta Braves.

If anyone would have told me, during Spring Training, that five weeks into the season the 2015 World Champions Kansas City Royals would have the worst record in the American League, followed closely by the Toronto Blue Jays, along with the three time champs this decade, the San Francisco Giants having the worst record in baseball, I would have recommended that you have a checkup from the neck up.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

MLB Week 4 - The British May be Right

By Dan Howard
Staff Writer

A couple of weeks ago NBA commissioner Adam Silver was asked his opinion about top teams resting their players, while the scum sucking bottom feeders, like the Los Angeles Lakers, would seemingly purposely lose to try to improve their draft standing. Silver’s reply was thought provoking. He mentioned the English Premier League, arguably the top soccer league in the world, relegating, in other words, kicking out the three worst teams in the league every season. He wondered aloud if a system like that would work here in the United States.

The way it works in England is that the bottom three teams are replaced the following season by two of the top teams in the Football League Division One, the third is determined by a playoff.

What does that have to do with the Reds? If relegation was in place last season, the bottom three teams in baseball were, the Minnesota Twins, the San Diego Padres, and our Cincinnati Reds.