Tuesday, May 9, 2017

MLB Week 5 - Where Did This Come From?

By Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Ha! Made you look! In case you’re wondering, that’s an Aston Martin Vulcan, the British built hyper car that will set you back only 2.3 million dollars. Don’t expect to see any on the highway, they’re a track only car.

Baseball is beautiful in its simplicity, a marvelous wonder of dexterity, grace, and pure athleticism. Much like the car in the picture.

Then there’s the Atlanta Braves.

If anyone would have told me, during Spring Training, that five weeks into the season the 2015 World Champions Kansas City Royals would have the worst record in the American League, followed closely by the Toronto Blue Jays, along with the three time champs this decade, the San Francisco Giants having the worst record in baseball, I would have recommended that you have a checkup from the neck up.

If you told me the Reds were going to be in first place, I’d be calling a psychiatrist for you.

I’m pleasantly surprised to see the offensive explosion, along with the good pitching during this past week. I hope it lasts.

Blast from the past. The dominance the Reds showed over the San Francisco Giants this past weekend was nice, but why didn’t you do that five years ago, during the 2012 Division Series.

In my opinion, Cincinnati still hasn’t recovered from that series loss. Without a doubt, the Reds were the best team in the 2012 season, but they couldn’t close the deal when it counted most.

Beginning with the 2008 season, the Reds are 39-24 versus San Francisco in the regular season, the best winning percentage of any Giants opponent in the past nine seasons.

Useless Trivia; the Reds 31 runs scored in the 13-3, 14-2 and 4-0 sweep against San Francisco was their highest total for any three-game series since they scored 32 runs from August 19 – 21, 2005 versus the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Speaking of hot; Arismendy Alcantara produced hits in each of his last seven at bats, with five singles, one double, and one triple, the longest by a Reds player since Steve Selsky had hits in seven straight plate appearances last September.

More Useless Trivia; no Cincinnati hitter has produced hits in more than seven consecutive at bats since Bip Roberts had ten consecutive hits in as many at bats from September 19 – 23, 1992. Hard to believe that was twenty-five years ago.

Our Reds’ five game winning streak snapped by Monday’s 10-4 loss against the New York Yankees was their longest of the season and matched last year’s high, done twice from August 16 – 20, and September 9 – 13. During this winning streak, Cincinnati pounded opposing pitchers with a .358 average (62-173), scoring 42 runs, and an ERA of 1.60.

Let’s hope the winning ways continue. Have a blessed week.

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