Saturday, May 27, 2017

MLB Week 7 - Fading Fast

By Dan Howard
Staff Writer

With the second leg of the Triple Crown just past, I thought I’d interject a little horse racing humor. Considering how poorly the Reds are playing, if I don’t laugh about it, I’d probably start crying.

Seven straight losses, eight losses in the past nine games, when is it all going to end?

The pitching has been awful during this swoon, the defense mediocre, but the offense has been decent, scoring five runs in each of the games at Wrigley Stadium (just a dig at the Cub fans), followed by six, twelve, and four runs in the Rockies series.

It’s getting about time for Joey Votto’s annual hot streak. He usually warms up around June 1st.

Useless Trivia; In the ninth inning of the Reds 9-3 win on April 18 against Baltimore, reliever Drew Storen became the fourth Reds pitcher to strike out all 3 batters in an inning on just 9 pitches. Storen joined Hod Eller on August 21, 1917 versus the New York Giants, Rob Dibble on June 4, 1989 against San Diego, and Carlos Contreras (remember him) who fanned three Pittsburgh Pirates on nine pitches on July 11, 2014.

What makes Storen’s feat even more incredible, is the fact he used the same baseball! Talk about saving money.

DUH moment; Over the last two seasons, the Reds’ twenty Major League debuts are the most of any team in either league.

Eight Reds players already made Major League debuts so far in 2017, all in April. The eight are pitchers Barrett Astin, Rookie Davis, Amir Garrett, Sal Romano, Ariel Hernandez, outfielders Jesse Winker, and Phillip Ervin, along with catcher Stuart Turner.

Speaking of pitchers, the twenty pitchers used by the Reds this season tie the Toronto Blue Jays, San Diego Padres and the Baltimore Orioles for third most in the Major Leagues behind the Seattle Mariners (25), the Los Angeles Angels (21).

On a side note, I suspect you readers have noticed a difference in the way these articles are appearing on our website. Allow me to explain, Jimmi Adair, the founder of Redlegs Review, decided to bring aboard a new publisher for the website, me. For future reference, this decision by our C.E.O. to give me the “keys to the kingdom” may not exactly become resume material for his future endeavors, but with his own career at Junior Baseball blossoming, he felt that now was the time to see what others could do with this website. I sincerely appreciate Jimmi’s trust in my abilities, or the lack thereof, in doing this.

So far, this website hasn’t burst into flames…. yet. Smoked a little a couple of times, but no fire.

True story; a close friend of mine who was a Radio Shack manager once told me that a customer called needing the cup holder repaired on his computer. Puzzled, the manager asked what cup holder, to which the customer replied, “You know, the one that pops out when you press the button, I accidentally broke it with my coffee mug.”

Have a blessed week. GO NASHVILLE PREDATORS!!!

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