Tuesday, June 20, 2017

MLB Week 11 - Had Enough Yet?

By Dan Howard
Staff Writer

This is starting to get sickening.
Since the Reds were 19 – 15 back on May 10, they’ve lost twenty-four of their last thirty-five games, including two rounds of losing at least seven straight games.


Maybe Bryan Price knows things on Dick Williams and Bob Castellini. Can you think of a better reason Price hasn’t been fired yet?
Bronson Arroyo injured his elbow during Sunday’s ninth straight loss. I’m surprised it wasn’t his neck getting strained watching all the home runs he’s given up this year.

And I’m a Bronson Arroyo fan.
In all seriousness, Arroyo is like a second pitching coach on the Reds staff.

Maybe that explains it.

It was great to see the Reds legends during Pete Rose’s statue dedication this past weekend.

George Foster looks like he could still play. After reading “The Machine” a book about the 1975 Reds by Joe Posnanski, I have a deeper appreciation for Foster. In the face of verbal abuse, mostly from Assistant GM Dick Wagner, Foster remained steadfast, daily reading his Bible. Wagner thought Foster, a devout Christian, was weak.
Foster was a home run and RBI machine for several years, Wagner completely dismantled the Big Red Machine.

Joe Morgan looked frail. Keep him in your prayers.
I enjoyed Rose’s speech Saturday. He mentioned the diversity in the Reds lineup during those Championship years. He spoke of Morgan, the best second baseman ever, Johnny Bench, the greatest catcher, Dave Concepcion, the best Venezuelan player, and Tony Perez, the best Cuban player. He also mentioned that Ken Griffey wasn’t even the best player in his family, to the laughter of the thousands in attendance at Great American Ball Park.

The Dodgers Cody Bellinger may have the sweetest swing in Major League Baseball. He’s certainly distanced himself from the rest of the National League rookies this season. If he keeps up this pace, he’ll be mentioned in MVP voting.

Useless Trivia; Boston’s Fred Lynn became the first player in Major League history to win his league’s Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player in the same season, 1975. Seattle’s Ichiro Suzuki also won both awards in his first season, 2001.

Just think, it’s only two-and-a-half months until Ohio State football begins.

Can’t wait.

Have a blessed week.

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