Tuesday, June 27, 2017

MLB Week 12 - Meh

By Dan Howard
Staff Writer

It’s happened. After nearly fifty years of loyal Reds support, it’s happened.
The 101 losses the 1982 Reds suffered didn’t do it. The nine straight losing seasons from 2001 to 2009 didn’t do it. Blowing a two games to none lead to the San Francisco Giants in the National League Division Series in 2012 didn’t do it, although I don’t believe the Reds nor the city of Cincinnati have recovered from it.

But this year’s Reds have succeeded where others failed. On the brink of a fourth straight losing season, they’ve made me completely and totally indifferent.
Gagging a three-run lead Friday night was bad enough but Saturday’s complete meltdown was the straw that broke the camel’s back. An 18 to 3 bludgeoning at the hands of the Washington Nationals was a complete embarrassment for all Reds fans. Sure, it marked the return of the one hundred six-million-dollar man Homer Bailey, who did little more than pitch batting practice to the boys from our nation’s capital. Bailey’s line one and two thirds innings pitched eight runs all earned which calculates into a 43.20 earned run average.

He’ll probably pitch a perfect game in his next start.
O.K. maybe I’m a little, no, a lot, harsh. Yes, I’m glad Bailey’s back. I hate the fact that Bronson Arroyo is injured and likely will never pitch again. The news on Brandon Finnegan, who only pitched three innings in his return from Disabled List since the end of April, is not good.

The offense has improved dramatically from last year. The defense stellar, even without Brandon Phillips. The running game is among the best in all of baseball, yet this team is mired at the bottom of the National League Central because of an atrocious pitching staff, and a managerial staff, including the front office, that seems to care less.
If they don’t care then why the heck should I?

My son, David, works at a local bank that purchases season tickets for the Reds. They awarded him with four tickets to the August 26th game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was very excited to tell me and was looking forward to taking me and his brothers to the game. After what I’ve seen since the first of June, I would encourage him to return the tickets. I could find something else to do on that Saturday afternoon.

Like watching the grass grow.
Yeah, I know that’s the Homer Bailey bobblehead giveaway event. It would be more effective if the head would completely turn around, as if to watch baseball’s leaving the playing field.

I’m beginning to think that Bob Castellini and Bengals’ owner Mike Brown are related.

Mike Brown’s football ownership philosophy is simple, field a mediocre, at best, team and the fans won’t care, they’ll sell out the stadium every week. Brown pockets the money, not only from concessions and attendance, along with the incredibly large television revenues.
Then Brown made a huge mistake. He hired Marvin Lewis as coach. All Lewis did was make the average players play well above their potential and the next thing you know, the Bengals were making the playoffs. Sure, they fell in the first round, but they got to the playoffs, didn’t they?

Can you see the point I’m making? Lewis is one of the best coaches in the National Football League, and I’m a huge fan of his. Imagine if he coached the Houston Texans with their talented offense, and stingy defense, they’d be Super Bowl contenders every year.

If butts are filling the seats at Great American Ball Park, then why should the front office care how the team performs, as long as income meets expenses, Castellini can laugh all the way to the bank. He’ll deal with the manager in October. Maybe Brian Price will get another extension.

Have a blessed week.

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