Thursday, August 10, 2017

MLB Week 18 - Who's That Guy?

By Dan Howard
Staff Writer

It’s going to be very interesting how Microsoft Word handles this name I’m about to input.

Asher Wojciechowski

Just as I thought, my laptop caught fire.

What really bugs me is how MS Word puts a red line under a person’s last name. Don’t the software creators know that we’ll likely look up the proper way to spell someone’s name before we enter it in the program?

In a word, Wojciechowski has been impressive. Three wins with one loss, four walks and twenty three strikeouts, where have you been all season?

To date, he’s allowed nine home runs, three to the Toronto Blue Jays, three to the Los Angeles Dodgers, two to San Diego (last night 8/9) and one to the Washington Nationals. That’s a pretty impressive list. Look, many pitchers this season have been reduced to the fetal position by the Blue Jays and Dodgers.

After seeing him run after his first career single, I think I can outrun Wojciechowski.

It’s safe to say that Wojciechowski will be on the twenty-five man roster next season.

According to Wikipedia, Wojciechowski is the sixteenth most common surname in Poland.

This got me thinking, how many other famous Wojciechowski’s have there been.

Greg Wojciechowski - Famous WWA wrestler a.k.a. “The Great Wojo”.

Steve Wojciechowski - Duke University college basketball player, current head coach at Marquette University

Antoni Wojciechowski – Chess master from Poland, who tragically died of pneumonia Jan. 19, 1938

Michele Wojciechowski – Award winning author, contributor to Parade magazine, stand-up comedian.

Gene Wojciechowski – ESPN sportswriter and on-air contributor.

Stanislaw Wojciechowski – Former president of Poland. One of the leaders for Polish independence, from Russia, in the years before World War I.

In other words, quite a few.

Its summertime, how do I know? Joey Votto’s becoming nuclear again.

With eight weeks left until this season mercifully ends, Votto is slowly recreating the offensive numbers he had in this MVP year of 2010. Votto is currently seven home runs, and thirty RBI’s from matching two of those numbers.

Speaking of home runs, the Reds currently have three players with twenty or more home runs, Votto, 30, Adam Duvall, 25, and Scott Schebler, 23. The team record for players with twenty or more homers is five, accomplished twice, in 1956 and 2008.

With Eugenio Suarez at nineteen dingers, along with Scooter Gennett owning eighteen, I think this year’s Reds will match that feat.

Zack Cozart has thirteen homers this year, so a club record sixth player may make the list.

All for a last place team.

Have a blessed week.

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