Tuesday, August 22, 2017

MLB Weeks 19 & 20 - Halt and Catch Fire

By Dan Howard
Staff Writer

It finally happened.

My laptop died. Es ist kaput. It ceases to exist. At present time it is on its merry way to the recycler. Probably wind up as a soft drink bottle.

Good riddance, I’ve been having problems with that thing for months.

Since I don’t have the dough to rush out and buy a new one, I’m dodging the boss here at work to get these articles out, which is why I have to combine two weeks into one post.

It is nice to know that nothing has changed during the past two weeks. Despite the offensive productivity, especially in the last game at Wrigley Stadium (thanks Jeff Gordon), our Reds are still mired in last place while heading for a third straight ninety loss season.

To say that 2017 is the best ever season in Scooter Gennett’s career may be an understatement. Aside from the four homer game in June, Gennett has tied the club record for grand slams with three. He’s set career highs in homers, 21, and runs batted in, 75. He can also be mentioned in the same breath as Babe Ruth. Both Ruth and Gennett pitched in the same game they hit their 20th home run of the season. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Ruth was the starting and winning pitcher for the Yankees on June 13, 1921 against Detroit at the Polo Grounds, hitting his 20th homer as a pitcher and then his 21st home run after he had moved to center field.

Useless Trivia; other Reds to hit three grand slams in a season are, Devin Mesoraco - 2014, Chris Sabo - 1993, Eric Davis – 1987, Ray Knight – 1980, Lee May – 1970, and Frank Robinson – 1962.

September is going to be an important month for our Reds. I expect top prospect Nick Senzel to join the big club. If he performs well as a call up, I look for the Reds to try to move Eugenio Suarez in the off season. Remember, baseball is a business.

I like the direction the Reds are heading, Jesse Winker, Senzel, Jose Siri, look like future superstars, or great trade bait to improve the Reds anemic pitching staff.

I think they finally found the ball Phillip Ervin hit in last Thursday’s game at Chicago. It bounced off the moon causing the eclipse of August 21. O.K., maybe not, but I do believe that planes flying over Wrigley at that moment had to temporarily divert from their flight plan.

If only the Reds had a manager to lead this young talent.

Speaking of the eclipse, I, along with several others, expected it to get darker that what it actually did. We were not in the (dramatic pause) “Path of Totality” but we were in the 93% range. Yes the daylight did dim, slightly, similar to a brief cloud cover, but seven percent sunlight is still pretty strong. Just think, two historic events have happened in the United States in the past ten months that hadn’t occurred in at least 99 years, the Total Eclipse and the Cubs winning the World Series.

Yes Virginia (and all the other states), there is a God!

He put on a great scientific show for us on August 21.

Uh, the boss wants to speak to me. Have a blessed week.

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