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Jimmi Adair

From a very young age I became fascinated with watching and playing sports. In fact, I credit the game of baseball to being my first true love. So it should come as no surprise when I tell you that I quickly grew attached to one team in particular, the Cincinnati Reds. Maybe they became my favorite team because they were also my dad's favorite team, or perhaps it was because they were the closest. However it came about, it just seemed natural for me to pledge my fan loyalty to the Reds. Being a fan of any team is more than just a hobby or an interest, it is the sense that you are connected to something much greater than yourself. For me that sense is entrenched in Reds baseball, and that is partly the reason I started this blog. Whether you are a fan of the Reds - or any team for that matter - I think all fans can relate to the love they feel for their respective team or sport.

Personal: I am a graduate of the University of Louisville where I endured four, grueling years of study to earn a BSBA degree in Marketing in the spring of 2011. I'm currently pursuing a MAT degree from the University of the Cumberlands where I hope to use it to become a high school teacher and coach. Although I'd love the opportunity to blog or write about baseball for a living, I'm very much excited about a potential career in teaching. Aside from the serious stuff, I am a lifelong fan of the Reds, UofL athletics, movies, music, cooking, travel, & just about any flavor of ice cream! I love my family, my friends, my gal, and waking up to the smell of a home-cooked breakfast on the weekends. For random insights, rumblings and light entertainment, you can follow me on my personal Twitter handle @jimmiadair.

Jesse Welte
Senior Writer

I have been a Reds fans ever since I can remember, mostly due to geography and family influence I suppose. I grew up in tiny Augusta, KY (you know, where George Clooney is from) and went to high school in neighboring Maysville, KY. When I was four-years-old, my aunt and uncle took my brothers and me bowling in Cincinnati and we met Barry Larkin's mom at a bowling alley apparently. One of my favorite things as a kid was getting free tickets through the Reds' Straight "A" program. I very much enjoy the Reds, so it was a natural decision for me to join Redlegs Review to give me the chance to force my opinions on the readers.

I am also a huge, huge Kentucky Wildcats fan, though I'm a graduate of the University of Louisville with a BS in Political Science (emphasis on the BS). While there I was even a sports reporter for the student newspaper. I really like sports. I can't stress this enough. I currently live in what is mostly Cardinals country, with Cubs fans in the mix. Luckily I do get Fox Sports Ohio so I can watch the games. If I get in the right spot I can get 700wlw to come in as well. I do see a Reds hat every once in a while in places other than my closet or my head. Keeping perspective, my favorite quote is this:

"Sports are better than anything else, always." -Scott Van Pelt

Will Hicks
Staff Writer
Bio coming soon.

Scott Eddy
Staff Writer

A lifelong Reds fan in the middle of Yankees and Mets fans as a native of Western New Yorker and current resident of Pennsylvania, I come honestly by my love for the Redlegs, coming from a family of Reds fans with many of my relatives being originally from southern Ohio.

I am a graduate of St. Bonaventure (NY) University with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications and have written for a number of publications across Western New York, including serving as the sports editor of a weekly newspaper for over two years. I am currently working through graduate school as a sports information graduate assistant at Edinboro (PA) University. During the summer I'm the play-by-play announcer for the Jamestown Jammers, short-season affiliate of the Miami Marlins. When not working, I enjoy listening to music, long team bus rides, watching scifi TV shows and pretending I know how to play golf.

Sara Frey
Staff Writer

I’m a lifelong Reds fan currently living in northern New York, or what I call “practically Canada.” This makes life difficult, as it seems everyone here falls into one of the following categories of baseball fans: 1.) "Hockey blahblah hockey” 2.) “Yankees blahblah Yankees.” 3.) “Red Sox blahblah Red Sox.” Much of my happiness can be traced back to my time watching the Reds. I still have ticket stubs from Riverfront and mementos from the four seasons I spent at Great American Ballpark as a vendor (“Cold beer here!”). Prior to my recent move to New York, I watched the Reds from season ticket seats in the bleachers. My parents and friends are happy to now fill those seats while I keep up with MLB.TV. I'm hoping the team gives me a reason to fly back this October!

I have a BS in Middle Grades Education from Eastern Kentucky University and a MS in Library and Information Sciences from the University of Kentucky. I am a school library media specialist (fancy talk for school librarian) serving PreK-12 students. My special talents include crushing Skyline in such a way that Sean Casey should be proud, ironing my guy’s golf polos and getting sunburn despite the weather conditions and my preventative efforts. I enjoy long walks, (no, really, I do distance racing) Wes Anderson movies and finding handwritten letters in my mailbox.

Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Reds fan since 1970. I’m currently the postmaster at Warfield KY, and I am the Assistant Pastor of Jesus Name Tabernacle in Grey Eagle W.V. Writing has been a curiosity of mine since my youth, however I found out at an early age that I’m not a wordsmith. Graduated from Sheldon Clark High School in 1981. Earned an Associate Degree in Electronic Communications from Mayo State Technical College in June 1983. Worked as radio personality, news and sports director did play by play for area radio stations. Former Rite Aid store manager. Christian since 1984. In 1987 God blessed me with a beautiful wife, Denise, our marriage has produced five wonderful children, two girls, ages 24 and 23, three sons, 21, 18, and 7.

Played Little League baseball for Venters Branch in Debord KY in 1975 and 1976. In 1981 and 1982 I played outfield for Martin County’s Senior Babe Ruth team, with a career .400 batting average. Looked at by Detroit, Pittsburgh, and New York Yankees, who told my coach that they were impressed by my batting style. Invited to Reds tryout camp in Owensboro KY, but at the time I didn’t have a way to get there. Should have walked there! It’s ironic that a former job of mine, satellite technician, I travelled all over the eastern United States, I fell in love with Owensboro! Made league All Star team in 1982 where I played alongside future major league pitcher Willie Blair. You remember him, he gave up Mark McGwire’s 50th home run in 1998.

It is my intention to write about the Reds from a historical prospective, intertwined with some humor, and I won’t shy away from controversial issues, like why I believe Pete Rose SHOULD be in the Hall of Fame, 4256 hits, why “Shoeless” Joe Jackson should be exonerated, .375 batting average plus he hit the ONLY home run in the 1919 World Series, and why I firmly believe the greatest hitter of all time is......Hank Aaron, take away his 755 home runs and he STILL has over 3000 hits. That’s me in a nutshell, I am proud to be part of the Redlegs Review team, follow me on Twitter @DaHermit16

Andrew Wright
Staff Writer 

My first baseball memory is from Riverfront Stadium. I was about 6 years old. My teenage brother and I sat a few rows behind home plate (I have no idea how we scored such great seats). Doing what little brothers do, I asked him if he would give me the ball if he caught a foul. He replied something like, “Yeah, sure, whatever.” Sure enough, a ball came our way and he valiantly won the battle. After the game, our dad (who watched the game from the nose bleeds with the rest of the fam) made him hold up his end of the deal. To this day, my brother resents that I have that ball. Although, I think he is more disgusted that years later I got Ron Oester’s autograph on it. I think its obvious that signature just adds a layer of awesomeness.

Baseball is in my blood. I’ll do my best to give worthy donations to the faithful fans of the oldest professional team. You can follow me on Twitter @WrighteousAdub and Google+ http://google.com/+AndrewWright2

Mason Kibler
Staff Writer
Bio coming soon.