Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wake Up Links: B.J. Upton and the Reds?


I mentioned this on Twitter yesterday, and you do have to subscribe to ESPN Insider to read it, but it is one of five trades that need to happen, according to former Reds' GM and current ESPN blogger Jim Bowden. Basically it says that the Reds should trade Yonder Alonso and Yasmani Grandal to the Rays for Wade Davis and B.J. Upton. It's also hinged on the conditions that the Reds can work out an extension with Upton, and either he or Drew Stubbs move to left field. Can you imagine how good defensively that outfield would be?
I do want to clarify that this is an imaginary trade proposal that Bowden just completely came up with on his own. This is not a rumor and this trade as of now has never been discussed, at least not publicly.

Joey Votto and Brewers' closer John Axford will share the Tip O'Neill award for Canadian baseball player of the year, after trying among those who on the award.

The Reds along with the Florida Marlins are the only two teams in Major League history not to have a Japanese player play for them. Of course with the way the Marlins have opened their pocketbook this offseason and Yu Darvish poised to come to America, would it be any surprise if they took a shot at him, which would leave the Reds as the lone team with no Japanese players in its history.

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