Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Less drama makes for more wins in Cincinnati

by: Sara Spurr
Staff Writer

It was announced on Tuesday that Devin Mesoraco will serve a two-game suspension, one less than originally anticipated, for instigating a heated argument with the plate umpire on July 30th. I’m not one to draw additional attention to the club’s bad news, but in light of some other suspensions of late, I would like to use Mesoraco’s suspension to point out that this is the extent of baseball-related drama for the Reds this season. The Reds’ 7.5 game lead on Pittsburgh in the NL Central is the result of teamwork, skill and self-described determination, not scandals and suspensions.

As to not antagonize, I have refrained from noting the specific players (or managers!) and clubs involved in the following incidents. If you really want to know, tweet me.

Suspensions the Reds have avoided this season, but other clubs have not:

Star players testing positive for banned substances: Nope, not our guys. Yeah, they’re in first place because they’re just that good.

Losing our skipper because of excessive arguing: Dusty Baker keeps calm and carries on when calls don’t go his way.

Changing the starters rotation because someone’s not who (or how old) they claim to be: We went the longest using our 5 starters and as of today, we’re pretty sure those 5 guys are legit.

Uppin’ our game with pine tar: Reds pitchers get the team out of sticky situations, not in them.

Pouting and throwing fits (and batting helmets): The Reds hate striking out just as much as the next MLB team. They just don’t throw things when it happens.

Purposefully pitching AT not to a hitter: Seriously, do we even have to discuss why that’s not cool?

Causing a scene with controversial or derogatory comments: There has been more than one of these suspensions this year. What’s more damaging than the suspension? Perhaps the loss of fans and supporters who know question the values and character of the offenders.

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