Monday, August 6, 2012

Notables quotes from Pittsburgh series

The Reds did well in taking two out of three against the visiting Buccos over the weekend to help increase their division lead to 4.5 games. They have now won 22 out of their last 26 and 15 of their past 17.

Here are some notable quotes from the weekend clash at GABP:

Friday (3-0 Win):

+ “Just swing hard in case you hit it. I’m a pitcher, I don’t get paid to hit. I just happened to put a good swing on it, and it left the yard.” -Mat Latos on his first career home run

+ “That was unbelievable, to hear the crowd. Those fans have to understand if they do what they just did, we’re going to win a lot of ballgames. We’re going to feed off that energy.” -Latos on the electric, sold out crowd

+ “I don’t feel like I could go out there and help a ballclub. I don’t feel like I would be better than the next guy, if that makes sense. You have to be at a really high level to play at the major league level. I’m not ready for that yet.” -Joey Votto before the game regarding a timetable for his return

+ "When I hit it, I thought it had a chance to get out of here. As soon as I got about halfway to second base, I saw it rolling along the track and I didn't see anybody near the ball. I was going as fast as I could, but you try to give it a little extra just because you know you have a chance. Thank God I made it home before I fell over because my legs were dying." -Chris Heisey on his inside-the-park homerun. It was the second of his career.

+ “I’m a man of my word. I never dreamed it would get this big.” -Marty Brennaman after fulfilling his pledge to get his hair cut in honor of the team's recent 10-game winning streak

Saturday (5-4 Win):

+ "I was thinking I was dead the whole way. That's a miserable 90 feet. You know you're going to have to dive or crash into something. I saw it, I read it, and I felt like I would make it. If I hadn't, we'd be doing this same interview, but for a different reason. It worked out." -Scott Rolen on legging out a triple in the eighth. He would later score the game-winning run.

+ "You got two teams battling for the top spot, in a close race. Tensions will flare. The beauty of this game is we can come back tomorrow and put the last two days behind us." -Pittsburgh's Josh Harrison after getting hit by a pitch by Mike Leake early on. He he had a few choice words for Leake on his way to first.

+ "I just wanted to defend our club. I was taking a stand. I felt we were getting the short end of the stick." -Pirates skipper Clint Hurdle on getting ejected

+ "Everybody is out there playing hard every day, and that's all we can ask for. We go out there and play hard on an everyday basis, and we'll walk away, hopefully, with a victory at the end of the day." -Newcomer Jonathan Broxton after earning his first win as a Red

Sunday (6-2 Loss):

+ "You get greedy. When you start winning every day, two out of three isn't good enough. We went 5-2 on the home stand, but you always want more. We're in a situation now where, hopefully, we get some guys back. Our guys have fought through some adversity." -Dusty Baker

+ “The City of Cincinnati has opened its arms to me so graciously and I’m compelled to give something back. If this contribution points one kid in the right direction, then we’ve done our job.” -Actor Charlie Sheen on matching the $50k donation from Friday

+ ”He’s progressing. He’s gonna go on the road trip with us. I think he’s right on schedule. He’s hitting, he’s fielding some around the bag, he’s throwing. The real test is gonna be the running, cutting, and sliding. He’s not quite at that point yet. He’s on the way." -Baker on the rehabilitation of Votto

+ "He was working. Everything was working. He's a great pitcher, we've seen it all year. He kept us off balance, was throwing strikes and hitting his spots. He was hitting the black all day inside and out with his offspeed and his fastball. You tip your cap to him. It was just one of those days." -Todd Frazier on Piraters starter A.J. Burnett

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