Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Zack Cozart's Big Turnaround

by: Parker Perry 

Zack Cozart was expected to be the weak link in a stacked lineup heading into the 2013 baseball season.

Most felt that as long as his defense was stellar, they could afford to give up a bit of offense. This took place in April, where Cozart batted an underwhelming, frustrating .208. He was wailing, hitting in the incredibly important two hole, throughout the month. It was really hard to digest. 

But when the calender turned, so did Zack Cozart's season. 

Last month, the Tennessee native batted a more-than-respectable .276. In the first three days of this month he is hitting over .300. It has been virtually perfect timing. It was April that Shin-Soo Choo was on fire. But now that Choo has cooled off considerably, Cozart has filled the gap and getting himself on base for the power hitters.

When a team can pick each other up is when a team is playoff bound. 

The Cincinnati Reds are going to continue to battle day in and day out. They are fighting off two other teams in their division, and every game is important. But, in the long run, they are no more important than the idea of getting the team rolling at the end of the season. If every player on the squad is playing to his potential in October the Reds have a great chance at winning a championship, and I don't believe you can say that for many teams in baseball. 

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