Thursday, February 6, 2014

Olympic size hot stove news

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Our condolences to the family of Hall of Fame Pittsburgh Pirate slugger and New York Mets broadcaster Ralph Kiner who passed away today, Thursday February 6 at age 91.

This past Sunday’s Super Bowl was the quickest in football history, the game was over in just twelve seconds.

Now that the pigskin season is over it’s time to turn our attention to something more important, SPRING TRAINING!!! Pitchers and catchers report next week.

Have you heard the latest rumor; at the request of Reds owner Bob Castellini, the A&E Television network will be sending a film crew from the show “Hoarders” to Reds G.M. Walt Jocketty’s office. Apparently Mr. Castellini wants to know what Jocketty plans to do with all those infielders he’s signed.

To break the infielder monotony, Jocketty has signed catcher Bryan Anderson, pitcher Edgar Gonzalez, and outfielder Roger Bernadina to minor league deals this past week.

Here’s some more grumblings about MLB Network and their bias against anything Cincinnati Reds. In their recent program “Top 10 Second Baseman Right Now” the network omitted Brandon Phillips from the list. Stating they took all the stats from last season and, using an analysis system called “The Shredder”, their figures left Phillips outside the top 10. Harold Reynolds had Phillips listed as third, at least he has some common sense.

I’d like to tell MLB Network what they can do with “The Shredder”; and sideways at that.

Sometimes I’d like to tell Directv what they can do with MLB Network.

If my parents would have named me Suk-Min Yoon, I’d look around for someone to adopt me.

Thursday I heard former Ohio State running back Eddie George on ESPN’s “Mike and Mike in the Morning” talkabout studying Shakespeare. I hope that makes him a better fisherman.

For what it’s worth; the Pittsburgh Pirates make their first trip to Great American Ballpark on April 14. I think we Reds fans need to show the Bucs what a loud stadium sounds like, I’m talking Guinness Book of World Records loud, at least 140 decibels.

Useless Trivia; the newly crowned N.F.L. champs Seattle Seahawks has the loudest recorded crowd noise in a stadium at 137.6 decibels set on December 2, 2013 in aMonday Night Football game against the New Orleans Saints. In my research I have yet to find a recorded decibel level for an M.L.B. stadium. I think we Reds fans can break Seattle’s record. Texas A&M and Seattle have their 12th Man, Rugby teams have the 16th Man, I believe we Reds fans need to start a 10th Man and make Great American Ballpark the loudest in Major League Baseball.

Warfield KY Elementary School principal Terry Quillen has embarked on a unique project. He’s sending letters to all living Baseball Hall of Famers to gather various memorabilia as incentive for his students to stay in school and not use drugs. Illegal drug use is rampant throughout most of Eastern Kentucky and Southern West Virginia and Mr. Quillen is trying to do his part to keep his students motivated in becoming productive citizens. My hat's off to him. Mr. Quillen told me he’d give me updates on the progress of his program to share on this website.

In writing these articles I try to keep my opinions to myself but I cannot contain this time. I’ve seen firsthand the effects of illegal drug use. A few years ago the mother of a friend of my daughter died of a drug overdose. “Tabitha”begged her mother to quit, yet her pleas went ignored. After her mother’s funeral, “Tabitha” told two things to my wife, Denise. First she said she wished Denise was her mom, and then through her tears she said that “mommy loved her drugs more than me”. If you read this and you use illegal drugs, look around at all the loved ones that your selfishness is affecting, and do something with your life to get off the drugs, before it’s too late.

The Games of the XXII Winter Olympiad begin in Sochi,Russia on February 6th. Early reports from embedded journalists aren’t very favorable. The water looks undrinkable, the toilets won’t accept paper, and some of the housing facilities don’t seem to be finished. Gee, I guess America isn’t the only place with Appalachian Hillbillies.

I would watch figure skating if it was full contact. Picture this, N.B.C. Hockey announcers Mike Emrick and BrianEngblom doing the play by play:

Emrick: “Tonya Harding taking the ice for her short program.”

Engblom: “She looks lovely in her sequined outfit.”

Emrick: “Here’s Harding attempting a triple axel, OH, SHE GET’S CHECKED INTO THE BOARDS BY NANCY KERRIGAN!”

Engblom:” Yes Mike, Kerrigan went flying across the blue line to take Harding out of the play.”

Now that would be must see T.V.!

In closing, congratulations to Redlegs Review editor Jimmi Adair on his new job as Editorial Assistant for Youth Baseball Daily, you can check out the link on the right of this page. Jimmi says he’s going to work both websites. Ah, the beauty of youth!

Have a blessed week. GO TEAM USA!

Dan Howard

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